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Tactical Stuff: Viking Laws


I don’t know how much there is to it but they are cool laws

Be brave and aggressive
Be direct
Grab all opportunities. Use varying methods of attack
Be versatile and agile
Attack one target at a time
Don’t plan everything in detail
Use top quality weapons

Be prepared
Keep weapons…

Check your kit.

In the wake of hurricane Sandy, people should be double checking their supplies.

Do you keep non perishable food in your place? Water? If you are stuck without electricity, will you be able to stay warm in winter? Do you have an adequate first aid kit and spare prescription meds? If you have loved pets do you keep spare food and water for them too? Being prepared with the limited stock I mention here requires very little effort. Dealing with a LACK of these supplies in the event of a disaster requires MASSIVE effort. Even now there are still 2 million people without power. Fuel shortages created line ups 2+ hours long. It boggles my mind that people think that this could never possibly happen to them, and outright refuse to prepare.

In the wake of a disaster, being unprepared could cost not only your life, but others as well, since rescue workers will have to focus on saving your useless ass. You don’t need a doomsday bunker, people, just use a little common sense.

Note:  The above is not an all inclusive list of survival needs, just a general WAKE THE FUCK UP call to people who rely on Wal-Mart for their survival 24/7